Look at the Birds of the Air - both side




In Science we start with naming everything! From birth, I point out and name body parts inside and out, birds, flowers, mushrooms, fish, trees, rock types, planets, trucks - everything we can see!


We also read loads and loads of science books - nature identification books, space books, animal books, mechanical books, fire engine books - so many books! We play with water, growing seeds, magnets, model human bodies or human body puzzles and make small electrical circuits, etc.


When they are ready, we also use My Pals Are Here! Science from Singapore, international edition. Just like the Maths curriculum we use, I chose this curriculum because it has fantastic, achievable science experiments and physical activities to consolidate every new concept. We started from level 2A - the year 1 work was so simple I felt it would be more beneficial for the children to spend extra time reading a large variety of library books and experiencing more science in life.

Nature Identification

We spend a lot of time outside in woods and by our local river. We often want to discover what the names of the animals and plants around us are. Here are my personal favourite nature identification books after 7 years of trial and error.



The Tree Detective Handbook, Camilla de la Bedoyere

Only bother getting a tree book that has a clear picture of one leaf (or set of leaves if the leaf is compound), the fruit and the blossom for each tree. Otherwise, it's going to be hard to use it to accurately identify anything.


The 2009 edition of the i-Spy Birds book is really clear. My 1-year-old baby enjoys me reading through it (only reading each bird name) and it covers almost everything you'll see on a day-to-day basis.



There are lots of great wildflower books. We normally choose the Collins Gem Wild Flowers book.

A Good All-Rounder

Collins Complete Guide to British Wildlife. Photo for every species, includes fish, mushrooms, etc. Not too heavy for something with so much inside.

Animal Tracking

Poos and Clues, Woodland Trust Swatch Book. Woodland Trust do great swatch cards. I normally take them apart by removing the central pin, turn them into flashcards and store them in an enticing box. However, this one is best used out and about with its pin still in. Woodland Trust swatch books also particularly good for tree leaves, mushrooms and butterflies.