Look at the Birds of the Air - both side




We start Geography by visiting places and talking about them. Then we move onto to recognising the shapes of the continents, countries and UK's counties on a map or globe. There are fantastic, no-writing map puzzles for this, both from Montessori and from cheaper sources! Then we work out N, E, S and W - we live next to a N-S running trainline so the children always rely on the train track for directions!


We read lots of atlas books and books about the world's biomes, animal habitats, myths and legends from around the world, countries, religions, transport and environment. We learn about the geographies of the countries within our friendship and family circles and of whatever language we're learning.

Our History course involves map work and our Science includes climate, weather, Geology and biomes. We supplement the gaps with Collins Primary Geography, starting at book 3. Don't skimp on the activities! 

Trips are a fantastic resource for Geography. Let them help with map-reading and satnav and discuss what is relevant to where you are going.

Politics and Climate Change coming soon! ...