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Hi! Here's some of my music, written since becoming a Mum! It's free to use and disseminate. If you do use any for performance purposes, please acknowledge my name and send me an email!


SSAATTBB a cappella, approx. 3"

Contemplative Kyrie

SSATB a cappella, approx. 2:30"

From Post-Resurrection fears to Pentecost JOY

SATB a cappella, approx. 2"

The Prodigal Son

I Am Cold

The Poorest Suffer First

Worship band, approx. 4:15"

Environmental worship song

Here I am to Listen

Flexible voicing/band, repeats as needed

Worship song for prayer ministry time

Congregational Mass

Cantor & SATB, keyboard accompaniment

Mass, uses current UK Catholic wording

Blessed is She

SSAATB a cappella, approx. 2:30"

Elizabeth's words to Mary, for my Mum

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Music Bio


Hi! I'm an ex-professional composer who quit to get involved in North Korean refugees, mission, food security and solar panels in China. Now I'm taking a very long maternity leave to home educate my kids. When I can, I still write instrumental, choral and worship music, so please email me at matthews.fe@gmail.com if you want to request a commission.

My musical career includes winning awards such as BBC Young Composer, having pieces played by professional ensembles such as the Britten Sinfonia and having pieces performed across the UK and China in venues including the Tate Modern, Barbican, Snape Maltings and Peking University. As a student I was joint composition principal of the National Youth Orchestra and received a starred First in composition (overall a First in Music) from Cambridge University. I later switched to study a masters in Environmental Change and Management from Oxford.


All the music on this website is free to download and perform. If you do perform any of the pieces I would be grateful if you could identify me as composer and notify me by email : )