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Home Education without a Pandemic is Easier

I home educate 3 kids (7, 4 and 1) even when there isn’t a pandemic. Here are some thoughts on why I think home educating without a pandemic is easier.

- I chose to home educate.


- I had some ideas about what I wanted to achieve before embarking.


- I have complete control over my teaching materials (and everything else in our schooling).


- I have had time to slowly build up a parent-child relationship that includes mutual responsibility for the entirety of each child’s development.


- I have been teaching my kids since birth as part of living life.


- We have never had to practice social distancing before. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to home educate with a packed social life. This pandemic has made me put on hold 9 different weekly social/class commitments.


- Mon-Fri, there is a point in every day where I sit down and chat to Mums while my kids play with other children. This helps me recharge.


- I had time to research and acquire my preferred resources. I normally bulk buy/print/make/prepare for the half-year ahead.


- I have a social support network if I get ill. When I was about to go into labour with my 3rd child, 4 different home-ed Mums plus our parents helped me by taking out the kids at different times.


- My living room is set up for teaching. There are no screens available to the kids, instead I have cupboards well stocked with loooooads of books (yay!), crafts, creative-play toys and educational games, plus a good-sized table for doing any work we don’t want the baby to destroy.


- I have access to home educators’ forums to get advice from a huge number of older, wider wisdom whenever I need it.


- We are free to take regular trips and holidays, aided by home education discounts and off-season prices. 


- I’ve built up stamina and coping strategies over time for having 3 young kids always around me.


- I’m not normally stressing over global health crises, toilet paper shortages or potential economic collapse.